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Shelter Professionals

Shelter DogUse PupQuest as a go-to resource to help your visitors find a humane, trustworthy source of puppies.

As experienced shelter professionals, the creators of PupQuest are passionate supporters of the work of animal shelters. We always encourage everyone to make adoption their first choice when looking for a new pet.

We know what it feels like when visitors are looking for a specific type of dog you don’t have at the moment. Will they leave and go buy from a pet shop, no waiting, no questions asked? Don’t you wish you had the time to teach them all the questions to ask, warn them about what to look out for? Now you have a resource that’ll do just that, we hope you’ll use it!

Together, if we educate even a small number of consumers to demand higher standards from breeders and shelters…

  • Less consumer fraud and animal exploitation can occur.
  • The number of animals surrendered to shelters will be reduced.
    • As you know, reputable breeders, shelters, and rescues screen potential dog owners and are careful matchmakers, increasing the chances of forever homes.

Did You Know?

41% of people who adopted their dogs from shelters, rescues, or friends didn’t do any research about dog ownership! Shelter professionals can change this surprising stat by educating their visitors. Click here to download PupQuest cards.

Some Resources You May Find Helpful

You could print them out or have the links available for your visitors!

Free downloadable puppy books:

info buttonPupQuest isn’t encouraging people to buy from breeders, we’re educating them about how to get a puppy from a responsible source — not a puppy mill, pet shop, or disreputable breeder.