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If we had a dime for every time we wished a client spoke to us BEFORE they bought a puppy, every practicing veterinarian would be rich!!

Did you ever wonder why our clients are buying dogs off the Internet without ever having seen them? Why they are paying top dollar for dogs that are not healthy or haven’t been screened for inherited diseases? On the Internet, puppy farms/mills are disguised as reputable breeders and the general public is often fooled. In recent years, even some shelters/rescues misrepresent themselves online.

As veterinarians, we are in a unique position of authority in the animal world. We know truly reputable breeders do not ship puppies across the country to strangers. Isn’t it time WE tell the dog-buying public?

If together we educate even a small number of consumers to demand higher standards from breeders and shelters…

  • Less consumer fraud and animal exploitation can occur.
  • The number of animals surrendered to shelters will be reduced.

Reputable breeders, shelters, and rescues screen potential dog owners and are careful matchmakers, ensuring responsible homes. (And responsible owners are our best clients!)

Dog Magnified

PupQuest is designed to be a user-friendly educational web site that will guide your clients on their Quest to find a healthy, temperamentally sound puppy or dog.

Print these cards to have available in your waiting room. Let be your shorthand, we will provide the information your clients need to be informed consumers. You could do it, but who has the time?

Some Resources You May Find Helpful

Consider printing them out or having the links available for your clients.
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