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About Buying Online

Buying a puppy on the Internet is a gamble. Don’t be fooled by cute pictures and elaborate web sites. ALL puppies are cute and anyone can develop a fancy site. You can not verify any info without visiting.

#1: You don't get to meet your puppy and see where it was raised. And this is the most important (and fun) part of getting a pup!

» Will your puppy be energetic and playful? Scared and defensive? Aggressive? Healthy? Were the parents well cared for? You can't even begin to guess without visiting.

» Is he coming from a responsible breeder? A puppy farm? Backyard yahoos with a computer? There is no way to know without visiting in person.

#2: Most puppies sold over the Internet are from puppy farms.
» Responsible breeders wouldn't dream of selling pups over the Internet. They don't ship their beloved puppies to strangers. Would you?

» The internet provides a loophole that allows disreputable breeders to sell puppies completely unregulated.

Just in case you still need more reasons not to purchase a pup online: see more...

  This fraud can happen to anyone, even well-meaning people who really believe they are being careful, and may have even gotten recommendations from others. Your friends or neighbors may have dodged the bullet but you and your pup may not.
If I shouldn't buy a pup online...
then where?

For a successful PupQuest, think about a pup from...

» Shelters or breed rescues (PupQuest always encourages adoption!)

» Reputable breeders

» Don't Buy Puppies Online

What about rescues and shelters on the Internet?
It's fantastic that you want to adopt! Be aware that much of the info on this page is applicable to adoption, too. Check out our rescue/shelter page to find out more...

83% of people who bought from breeders researched dog ownership before getting their dog
BUT none of them thought USDA licensing was a red flag.