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About Breeders

It may seem that finding a reputable breeder is a simple task, but we live in a world where the owners of all these operations can and do call themselves “breeders”:
All may provide AKC registration papers. These papers are a MINIMUM standard for eligible breeds but they in NO WAY indicate good breeding, good care or good health.

Health Screenings
Reputable breeders have done their homework and have their dogs tested for common genetic diseases in their breeds. To learn more, click here.

USDA Certified
This is a red flag that the seller is a puppy farm. The United States Department of AGRICULTURE regulates livestock production . These USDA breeders fall into that category! Is your intent to buy a dog born and bred as livestock? We don’t think so! Inspection of these facilities is lax. Don’t take our word for it, check out the Office of the Inspector General's Report.

Not all “breeders” have total disregard for the welfare of pups, adult breeding dogs, or you the consumer. Some “breeders” are just uninformed, but you still shouldn’t pay top dollar for one of their puppies! PupQuest information still applies.

PupQuest is here to help you distinguish between reputable breeders whose intention is to sell healthy, socialized family pets and disreputable ones. Knowing how to tell the difference will maximize your chances of finding a happy, healthy puppy!

MOST “breeders” are careless. Their standards for raising pups are very low, and they often sell sick and under-socialized puppies. More often than not, well-meaning families unknowingly buy puppies from them. Chances are you may be fooled.
83% of people who bought from breeders researched dog ownership before getting their dog
BUT none of them thought USDA licensing was a red flag.