Tip-Offs A Seller Should Be Avoided
Please don't be fooled by words or photos.
If ANY of these describe the seller, it's best to avoid them!
Sells puppies over the internet.
Doesn't encourage you to meet the puppies.
Doesn't allow you to see where the puppies are raised.
They may be hiding unsanitary or otherwise unacceptable conditions.
Doesn't allow you to meet the parents, or at least the mother.
Doesn't socialize their pups to everyday people, places, and things.
Raises puppies outside or in a kennel.
Doesn't ask many questions about you, your family, or your lifelong commitment to the pup.
Wants to arrange to ship the puppy to you or to meet you in a parking lot or other public location to exchange money for the pup. What about this doesn't sound sketchy?
Is licensed by the USDA and/or has many breeds available.
This is a huge warning sign that the seller is a puppy farm.
Provides no legitimate proof of vaccinations, examinations, or screenings for inherited disorders performed by a licensed veterinarian.
Learn how to recognize misleading documents.
Won't take a pup back after a certain length of time or at all.
Reputable breeders commit to their pups for life.
Shows no interest in the breed other than selling them, no active association with national breed clubs, no participation in breed activities such as herding, agility, showing, etc.

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